E-commerce @ ZED studios 

When we receive your product, it will be hung, steamed & any threads removed.. Once your products are ready to shoot, our stylist will put together outfits according to current trends and clients needs. 
Having worked with multiple brands for many years, we have a vast range of styling knowledge and will always take your visions as direction.


 We know how important social is in marketing your brand, so we do it for you!
Behind the scenes photos & videos captured throughout the day, Will be sent to yourself, during or post shoot. These can be used on any social platforms. The media is constructed with current trends in mind i.e Boomerangs, Rewinds & Filters 


We work closely with multiple mua's & creative agencies that create beautiful faces whether your look is GLAM or Minimal. All mua's that we work with, will style hair & help out on set, including regular touchups/changes to the look.

Hair & Makeup 

Your Images are constructed with the latest professional cameras, at ZED Studios we use the latest Canon EOS R systems along with Canon 5D's.
Our lighting is regularly checked for Uber consistency across your sites imagery. Imagery is resized  to your sites specific dimensions.
4K video options available. 


Our retoucher, offers a 48 hour turnaround of your images. This includes Skin smoothing, stray hairs, threads and blemish removal, The imagery is Synced to a dropbox folder that is shared with as many email addresses as you wish. If unfamiliar with dropbox we can cater to your needs and send over any other platforms.


Depending on your needs we always push to  achieve creative imagery for Banners or Front pictures of your site. 
At ZED studios we take creative imagery just as important as your Professional Ecommerce images, With a range of colour backdrops & close by locations we can create imagery to amplify your product & its details.